Space. Time. Memory. Occasionally I take recordings of some "selected" spots (nature and civilisation). I always choose the same place and time for these kind of recordings in order to compare its varying contents and the intensity (or weakness) of the sounds themselves.

As landmarks, soundmarks are able to remind us of certain events or a scenery taken place long time ago. Instead of seeing a certain marker or object that refreshes a lost memory, you hear a special sound.

Cologne via balcony

The latest soundmark project took place in Cologne. Each night at around 22:30 I put the microphone out on the balcony and started my one-minute-recording. The door is closed, I can't hear any noise from my neighbourhood and the city sounds. Instead of listening directly or actively to the scenery I let it be memorized by a machine. Whenever I want to listen to the unnoticed scenery I can listen to the recordings. These data complete my memory allthough I didn`t pay attention to it in the first case. Compare it with video-recording a TV-show or a movie that has been televized but you weren't at home to watch it. In the end you will see/hear what you have missed - or haven`t.

On the following days I pushed the record button:

11.08.05 12.08.05 13.08.05 14.08.05

15.08.05 16.08.05 17.08.05 18.08.05